"Fake Faith": A Sermon Series by Foundation Church at Dutch Fork

"Fake Faith": Seen it? Done it? Us, too...

We've all seen "Fake Faith" - you can't miss it: Someone talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk.  

We've all gone through seasons of life, when we've done it: Our faith wasn't strong, and it buckled under the weight of something we didn't expect. 

Usually, faith becomes fake because we don't know what faith is - we only know part of it, and think we have all of it.

Our sermon series - "Fake Faith" - will give you a complete picture: 6 ways that Scripture speaks about faith

Join us at the NW Family YMCA, 1501 Kennerly Rd, Irmo , S.C.

Saturday, April 27th, 5:00pm: "Faith Is a Gift"

How do people come to believe - to have faith?  The New Testament teaches that it is a gift, but what does that mean?  Do we play any part in having faith?

Saturday, May 4th, 5:00pm: "Faith and Good Works"

Do our good works have to be added to our faith, for our faith to be real? Can we be saved without good works? 

Saturday, May 11th, 5:00pm: "The Faith We Exercise"

Jesus teaches that the faith we bring to a situation, often changes that situation - how does that work?  And does it contradict the idea that faith is a gift?

Saturday, May 18th, 5:00pm: "The Gift of Faith"

The New Testament teaches that there is a special kind of faith that the Spirit gives, which is different from - but related to - our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior: This faith is the power to do a new thing in God's name - "mountain-moving" faith.

Saturday, May 25th: No Worship - Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, June 1st, 5:00pm: "The Kingdom of Faith: Our Call"

We believe so that we can be part of something bigger than ourselves - the Kingdom of God.  We each serve in our own way, but our call is the same: To serve the King in his Kingdom - the only Kingdom that will stand, at the end of time.